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The Vampire Diaries 3x18 "The Murder of One" Extended Promo

Nina Dobrev reveals some spoilers about S3 finale

Julie Plec EW Q&A

During last night's episode of The Vampire Diaries, EW had a very special guest join them in their live chat. Julie Plec, executive producer of the show, very kindly took time out of her busy schedule to join fans in the chat and answered a few of their questions.

Who writes all of Damon's great lines?
It's a group effort. Kevin still has the first place trophy though, in my opinion. He wrote "If I see something I haven't seen before, I'll throw a dollar at it." My fave.

Will we ever see dark Elena?
Depends on how you define dark.

I have been trying to figure out who is more insecure and in need of love S1 Vicki or Rebekah?
Vicki's desire for attention and love was born out of an unstable home environment. Rebekah just got 'stuck' as a stubborn teenage little sister who lost her mom too young.
Will Bonnie ever confront Stefan and Damon about their involvement with turning Abby against her will?
Yes, Bonnie is going to (rightfully) hold a grudge for a while

Will there by any acknowledgement from Stefan or anyone else for all the good Damon has done?
Like in the case when he saved Caroline from Tyler, he often goes unacknowledged for his good deeds. Damon's good deeds are acknowledged in the character's ability to love him deeply in spite of his bad deeds.

I love how you can surprise us every week again with another magical episode. I would like to know where do you get your inspiration from? What are you doing if you have a blockade?
I think about what the most logical move the character's would make and then either have them do it or defy it.

Is there a chance for Stefan and Caroline's friendship to be revisited? I would love for Stefan to have a friend outside of Damon and Elena.
We've just seen the beginning of Stefan and Caroline's friendship, in my opinion. Barely scratched the surface. Can't wait to tell more.

It seems to me that you focus more on Damon and Stefan rather than Elena herself. Are we going to see some strong Elena development later on, outside of her bond with the Salvatore brothers? She's the main protagonist, after all.
The rest of this season is very Elena-centric

What about Stefan and Katherine? Any chance you'll explore more their relationship?
Katherine is on the lam. Maybe we'll see her again one day.

Elena and Stefan obviously still have feelings for each other, will the two of them ever talk about those feeling with each other again?
Yes indeed they will.

Have Stefan and Damon, or even Elijah transferred any emotions or admiration from Tatia or Katherine to Elena?
I think it always begins with some transference and evolves into true feeling

Are we ever going to see Damon's birthday? We've seen both Elena and Stefans.
Maybe one day. Although Damon's like some women - doesn't want to share his age

Does Alaric's crazy murdering alter ego have a name? and is it... Ernesto?
hahahaha. YES

Please can u let the Originals stay alive in S4? They are a part of TVD now and we all would miss them so bad.
I'll never tell!

Should the originals be killed off, as the heroes often have to defeat the villains. Would you ever entertain a spin off?
I would, of course. Ya never know!

Will Damon and Elena discuss how they feel for each other in any of the upcoming episodes?
Yes indeed they will.

Will we see Elijah or Kol or Finn again? PLEASE SAY YES, I REALLY MISS THEM!
Yes you'll see both of them again this season

Will we see more heartfelt scenes between Damon & Stefan this season like we saw in last episode? I really would love to see more of those moments between them!
The brothers will keep growing stronger and stronger

What is your favorite Damon/Elena moment so far?
Him in bed with her in 3x08

Will we ever not see Damon hook up with someone that isn´t Elena.
Every time I answer this I get yelled at, but I think Damon, as a grown man with a lot of sexual energy, can separate sex from intimacy.

Is there a particular character you enjoying writing the most?
Caroline and Alaric/Damon

Delena fans are kind of upset at the moment. The DE scene in this ep, Elena was a little harsh to Damon. Is it sexual frustration?
You always get the most angry at those who you care about

Will Damon's "i love you" confession in 2x08 ever be brought up again?
Maybe one day

Do you see any similarities between Damon and Elena like there are in the books?
Yes, both undeniably consumed by love

Does Matt Davis enjoy playing the darker side of Alaric?
He LOVES it!

Are we ever going to see winter in Mystic Falls? I'd die for Damon/Elena college campus winter scenes!
Oooh that'd be fun. Our special effects guy just told me the other day he could make it snow.

Is there a evil spirit controlling him or is really just crazy and evil now?
We call him Alari-Hyde. Like Jekyll and Hyde

I assume there's something more behind the car accident that killed Elena's parents. Can you maybe give us a hint of what that "something more" might be?
Nope, nothing more

I know you love YA novels. Any plans on writing any when TVD is over?
I would love to

Paul said he wanted another love interest besides Elena, what do you think of that? I'm pretty attached to Stefan/Katherine but I agree he does need to move on/explore other options
What Paul wants and what Paul gets are sometimes different

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Zap2it speaks to Paul about the love triangle, brotherly bonding and ripper stefan

This season on "The Vampire Diaries," we finally got to meet The Ripper, Stefan's bloodthirsty, ruthless alter-ego who had previously only been legend. We're not sure what it says about us that we found this sociopath version of our hero far more compelling than his usual compassionate martyr self, but we definitely did.

When it was revealed that Stefan had quietly quit drinking human blood (and was slowly reverting back to being the kind of guy who finds himself near tears on the regular) we couldn't help but be a little disappointed. We miss his swagger -- and we aren't alone in that.

"Yeah, yeah, it bums me out," Paul Wesley told us, calling from the car on his way to the airport for one of his usual flights between the set in Atlanta and his home in LA. "It does. You know it does. I really just enjoy [Ripper Stefan] a lot more. You play a vampire on screen, and when you have to play a good vampire, you have to fight your nature. Good Stefan doesn't feel as natural in terms of what I want to be doing on screen, and what I want to be saying. I feel a little stifled, myself, whenever he's resisting the urge to do vampiresque things."

In this week's episode we'll definitely see Stefan resisting the urge to drink blood. His withdrawal symptoms are surprisingly human for most of the episode -- he's twitchy and restless, and he fills the void with booze.

In the past, Paul has equated Stefan's blood issues to a drug addiction, but in this episode, we'll learn that Stefan trying to quit blood is less like a human trying to quit heroin... and more like a human trying to quit water. Blood is essential to a vampire's existence, so Stefan's detox isn't going to be anything resembling easy -- for himself, for his brother, or for Elena.

On Thursday, fans will get a little bit more insight into where Elena stands in regard to both Stefan and Damon when she confides in Matt about her relationships with the Salvatores. It's a rare moment where her guard is down and she's not trying to deny any feelings either way. Elena comes off as more self-aware than she has in quite a while.

As Damon and Elena have grown closer this season, the Stefan/Elena fans have become increasingly worried (and increasingly vocal). While we definitely have not seen the end of the "Delena" attraction, Paul tells us that fans waiting for Stefan and Elena to reconcile shouldn't give up hope.

"I think they have something to look forward to, to a degree," he says. "I don't think it's going to be like a walk in the park, but I think that at this point, they're open to a whole boatload of possibilities. You know how when a relationship ends, you might think 'Oh, these people will never get back together! They've been through so much!' But after a year, after two years, you meet again, and all of a sudden, you can forget all that. I don't know if they're going to get back together, but it's more of a possibility now than it was seven episodes ago, absolutely."

Oddly enough, the relationship that's most important in Stefan's life at the moment is his relationship with his brother. Despite the fact that Elena is more available than ever, Stefan and Damon are closer, now, than they've been since 1864.

Of course their relationship will continue to have its mercurial moments, but fans can expect Stefan and Damon to make an effort to remain allies for a while. This week, we'll see Damon go to drastic measures to help his brother out, and we'll see them discuss Elena honestly and without much animosity.

"I think they've come to this silent understanding of the fact that they both are in love with the same girl," Paul laughs. "They just allow it. To be honest, it's almost like Stefan allowed Damon to step in. I mean, that was Stefan's girl, and now Damon is suddenly a real factor, he's really in the picture. I think Stefan feels like he deserves this, in a way. He kind of abandoned her, in his mind."

As the season continues, we'll see Damon and Elena on a collision course for each other. The inevitability of their relationship isn't lost on Stefan, either. What you won't see, though, is Stefan giving anyone an ultimatum.

"This is the case for any relationship: you can't force anything," Paul says. "You have to let things happen naturally. Stefan, for his part, thinks that if Elena needs to explore the Damon side of things, she should be allowed to do that, and if she decides that Damon is indeed the guy she wants to be with, then I think Stefan would at that point be okay with losing her, because it means she wasn't the right girl for him anyway." He laughs. "I mean, otherwise, it'd be pretty pathetic. I don't want him to be pathetic. He's cooler than that, right?"

It certainly appears that way.

Tune in on Thursday at 8 p.m. EST to see how Stefan's addiction changes the way the people he cares about see him. And hey, if, like us, you kinda miss Stefan's psycho side, you'll definitely dig the flashbacks.

"The Stefan from 1912 is not the Stefan from 1920," Paul teases. "It's kind of cool. You get to see the creation of The Ripper."

via Zap2it

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Nina and Ian at John Varvatos 9th Annual Stuart House Benefit 2012


Vids: TV fanatic Cast interviews from Paley Fest 2012 red carpet

So there are a bunch of interviews with the TVD cast from last nights Paley Fest red carpet click the link to be taken to see what TV fanatic found out

New interview with Julie Plec on whats to come

On Saturday's red carpet before for the show's PaleyFest event, which was moderated by TV Guide Magazine's Debra Birnbaum, Plec dished on all things Damon-Elena-Stefan, Alaric's future and the Originals' next challenge. Plus: Find out why the upcoming season finale made her cry:

Can we expect reconciliation between Elena and Stefan soon?
Julie Plec: We can expect movement, we can expect breakthroughs, we can expect honest conversations and we can expect some frustration as they continue to try to rediscover if those feelings that were so strong in the beginning still exist. Did they go away and has Stefan ruined it forever? Or does Elena still have a willingness and an ability to love him? In the midst of all that, [we'll] confront the question of what exactly has evolved and transpired in the Damon and Elena friendship that's gotten so far this year. The rest of the season is going to be circling around those questions.
Damon made it very clear that he is much better at being the bad guy than Stefan is. Will he now give up on Elena? Will he turn bad again?
Plec: The beauty of Damon is he never really gives up. He acts out, he takes a stand, he has opinions, but when all is said and done, if brother's in a crisis, if girl's in a crisis, if the world is in a crisis, Damon inevitably can't help himself and he's got to find his way back in. This week's episode really shows that perfect balance of Damon being nasty and sarcastic and angry, and yet really illuminating at his core that he is a very heroic person. It's the constant Damon evolution.

Alaric (Matt Davis) was shot by Meredith (Torrey DeVitto) in the previous episode. What can you tease about his future?
Plec: Alaric, with his tragic and unfortunate luck with the ladies, has just found himself nearly murdered by a human. Had she aimed the gun one inch to the right, he probably would be dead right now. A little spoiler alert, but of the duh variety: We will actually see Alaric again and he'll find himself in this week's episode caught right smack in the center of this murder investigation. We'll start to get a lot of answers about what's going on, and who's behind what and who is going to take the fall for the serial killings that are going down in the town.

Now that it's been revealed there's another white oak tree, how will that change the direction of the rest of the season?
Plec: The discovery that there was another tree planted in absence of the original one that was burnt down, that definitely sets Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) on edge a little. They just temporarily defeated their mother, who was trying to annihilate them, so they couldn't even enjoy that victory for a short minute before they learned that there's another weapon out there. That being said, right now they're the only ones who know that that weapon is out there. We'll see how long Rebekkah is able to hold onto that secret. The answer is probably not very long. We'll see what Damon does to get a hold of that information and to figure out what she's snooping around about and why.

Abby's transition obviously won't go as smoothly as Caroline's did. How will Caroline (Candice Accola) help Bonnie's mother through this?
Plec: The beauty of Caroline is that a control freak in her human life became a very, very, very well controlled vampire when all those things got magnified. Nobody else is blessed with that kind of obsessive, compulsive, dedication to perfection as Caroline. With Abby (Persia White), what we'll see is that a witch is connected to the Earth, and when you turn a witch into a vampire, she's no longer a witch, so it's losing a part of yourself. It's not just losing your humanity, it's losing what really connected your soul to God, if you want to get religious about it. It's not going to be easy for her or Bonnie (Katerina Graham), because there's no spell she can whip up to help. It's, "How do I help my mother here, who I don't know very well, who left me? We just barely got our relationship going, now how do I help her find her true self in all this tragedy?"

Elena's friends have made it clear that other people end up suffering so that she can be saved. Will that weigh on her heavily when the show returns?
Plec: Yeah, the biggest burden that Elena has to bear, frankly, is that she herself is an incredibly selfless person. She very much wants to take care of and protect the people that she loves, and yet, because ultimately she loves so deeply and so thoroughly, she has created a circle of friends who love that deeply right in return and are, in their own way, selfless and willing to sacrifice themselves for her. It's a little battle of, "Hey, wait a second! I was willing to jump off a cliff." "No, I was!" It all comes down to one of the big central themes in this show, which is loyalty and love and the friendship and bonds of family, and what you're willing to do for the people that are important to you. In a situation like this, with these kids in Mystic Falls where the stakes are high every day, there's a lot of ways that can go. Lately, it seems like it's been going in the disfavor of Elena's friends and she's going to have to deal with that.

Last year's finale had a huge element of danger. Is this one emotionally grounded or will there be more danger?
Plec: It hasn't been put on the page yet, but the finale this year is like a combo platter of the finales from Season 1 and Season 2 in that the mythology and the villain are going to continue to drive us to the end of the season, but emotionally, there's a lot going on in the characters' journeys. Just breaking this story I probably cried four or five times, got a few chills, got very excited, got nervous about how we're going to do it. There's a lot of story to tell and not a lot of time to tell it in. But fingers crossed on what I think is going to be really good.

The Vampire Diaries returns Thursday at 8/7c on The CW.

Paul Wesley talks Stefan & Elena for 'The Vampire Diaries' season 3

New EW outtakes


Spoilers !! few tidbits from "1912"

As you already know, the episode takes us back to 1912, when Damon and Stefan return to Mystic Falls for a funeral, after nearly half a century away from their home. Here are a few other little tidbits we can tell you.

1. Alaric wakes up in jail after his encounter with Meredith and her gun. (Come on, you didn't think he'd get killed off yet, right? It's not even May sweeps.) He's healed from the wound she left in his chest, and Sheriff Forbes has some major questions for him.

2. Matt and Elena, teen detective team extraordinaire, get stuck in a closet together.In fact, this episode has a ton of great Matt-and-Elena bonding moments. He finally asks her what Stefan had that he didn't, back in early Season 1, and her answer to that question is completely unexpected and refreshing.

3. We'll meet Sage, the vampire who was essentially Damon's "Lexi," teaching him the ways of the vampire world in 1912. But you knew that. What you'll also discover is her surprising connection to the Original Family, which adds an interesting twist to any future involvement in present-day Mystic Falls. (And makes us re-think the photo of her crying from "A Murder of One.")

4. Damon and Stefan spend nearly the entire episode together -- today and in 1912.In the present day, the boys get together for a some brotherly bonding (read: day drinking) but their fun is cut short as Stefan grows more agitated, "freaking out" from his blood withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, Elena pays them a visit at a rather inopportune time, which could change their relationships a bit moving forward. Back in 1912, we see a tipping point between them that explains why Stefan and Damon had nothing to do with each other in the '20s. Every time we think we have the Salvatores' relationship issues figured out...

5. You will find out the identity of that serial killer that's been on a council rampage this season, once and for all.

As for what you won't see: Bonnie, Caroline, and Klaus aren't in this episode. (Neither are Jeremy or Tyler, obviously.) Bonnie and Caroline are helping Abby through her transition, and Klaus is probably off drawing pictures of farm animals.

awww so it sounds like we are really going to enjoy this episode and also there has been alot of talk from those that have seen it and alot are claiming it is one of the best TVD episodes yet. Roll on thursday is all i can say lol. so make sure to tune in thursday on the CW

Souce Zap2it

Vids: Paley fest 2012 panel