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Vote for Ian in Cosmos Hottest celebrity man poll

so lets all get this going we are already ruling it, Ian is top place so just keep refreshing and voting and lets see our man win above the likes of johnny depp, zac efron, david beckham etc coz lets face it he is wayyyy hotter than them lol

Nina and Ian loved up in paris

awww so our favourite couple look so loved up in the romantic city of paris and i think its so cute how their mums are there too naww wonder if an engagement could be around the corner lol :D

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Popwrap interview with Nina, Ian and paul at CW upfronts

Although I watch them bring the drama, heart and impossibly chiseled cheekbones to Mystic Falls every week, I have never watched Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley interact with one another in real life before -- therefore I never knew that the "Vampire Diaries" stars really bring the playful sides out in one another.

It was a sensational sight to see Paul crash Nina's MTV chat, Nina try to make Ian crack up during an on-camera interview and Ian refuse to untie the invisible string that kept the smallscreen siblings attached at the hip ... although that might have had something to do with the innate humor of their unintentionally matching outfits.

So read on to find out what I learned at this morning's CW Upfronts as Nina talked Elena's dueling loves and the dynamic dude duo demanded a two drink minimum for their green carpet comedy act!

PopWrap: With Stefan's turn towards the dark side, it seems like you'll pretty much be playing one another's characters next year, huh?
Paul Wesley: Literally! I’m going to be playing Damon, and he’ll be playing Stefan and we’re hoping no one notices.
Ian Somerhalder: It’s going to be a musical season.

PW: Like "Freaky Friday?"
Paul: Yes!
Ian: I actually tested for that movie – I didn’t get it, obviously.

PW: I think it all worked out ok for you in the end though, right?
Ian: Oh, yea [laughs]

PW: What excites you about this switch?
Ian: It excites Paul because he gets to be a bad ass again!
Paul: Yep! I’m so excited to have fun and be bad.
Ian: I’m less excited, I hope I don’t have to be sappy like Stefan.
Paul: Oh, you will. And I get to have a little bit of fun and not brood all the time. Monogamy is nice, but come on Stefan – let loose.
Ian: I: For a little while. I just hope Stefan, Damon and Klaus get to go on one major bender
Paul: We will, I promise.
Ian: Just something where we go to the next town and wreak havoc.
Paul: We’ll go to Vegas and have a boys night out – we’ll ever bring Elijah!
Ian: Brothers weekend!
Paul: Alaric can be the designated driver [laughs]

PW: But with Stefan and Damon split up, that also means Paul and Ian will be split up for the first time since the pilot.
Ian: Hopefully, we’ll still have scenes in the library, where Damon can tell Stefan what a good kisser his girlfriend is [laughs]

PopWrap: Your dress is beautiful and sort of matches the green carpet!
Nina Dobrev: Thank you, it's Jay Godfrey. I called ahead to find out what color the carpet was so I could match [giggles].

PW: Congrats on an amazing finale.
Nina: I still haven’t seen it by the way.

PW: Oh, well you were certainly right about Jeremy having a world life changing moment -- I mean, ghosts?
Nina: Wasn't it?!? I can’t tell you what they are yet though …

PW: Having your best friend Kayla Ewell back on set must have been so great.
Nina: It is exciting – we didn’t have any scenes together, but when we got there, we all just lit up – the family was back again. Although it was bittersweet since one family member had to leave for another to come in since Sarah [Canning, who played Aunt Jenna] had to go. But it’s going to be really awesome.

PW: The finale set up some very interesting stuff for Elena in season three. What do you think about Katherine's comment "it's ok to love them both" -- you think that's true?
Nina: God, I don’t know. The thing is, you can’t help who you love and who you’re attracted to. It’s not something you can just shut off, so Katherine – for once – did have some words of wisdom! She told the truth, which is rare because she never speaks the truth. Or saves the day, which she also did!

PW: And she also walked in on quite a tender moment for Elena & Damon.
Nina: Of course she did [laughs].

PW: What did you think of the kiss?
Nina: I think it was a sad, beautiful, bittersweet moment for Damon & Elena that was interrupted and short-lived.

PW: To be continued?
Nina: We'll see...

PW: What excites you about the possibilities this raises for season three?
Nina: The entire third season is like a blank slate – I think it’s going to feel like a completely new show now that Stefan has gone to the dark side. He will be with Klaus and I think that’ll set up a dark shift because when we started Damon was the mysterious one with all the fog following him [laughs]. Now I think we’ll see that come back with Stefan and Elena is turned around because she doesn’t know what to do.

PW: Yea, Elena does have a lot of choices ahead of her.
Nina: Totally. Will she be by herself? Will she be with Damon? Will she try to find Stefan? Everything is kind of shifting, so it’ll be refreshing and different, which is nice – you never want to fall into a familiar pattern on a show. And I think Kevin [Williamson] and Julie [Plec] found a way to keep it fresh.

Nina, Ian and paul at CW's Upfront 18.5.11

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Season 3 Promo poster

CW announce Season 3 Synopsis

Season three opens the door to learn more about Klaus and The Original Family as his motives for wanting Stefan on his side are finally revealed. As Stefan sinks deeper into the dark side, Damon and Elena struggle with the guilt of their growing bond even as they work together to bring Stefan back from the edge. The ghosts from Jeremy’s past have a powerful message they’re trying to deliver to him, not to mention the impact they’re having on his relationship with Bonnie. And as Caroline and Tyler grow closer, a war erupts between their families.

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Kevin Williamson talks Explosive progression of Delena in Season 3

In the new Behind the scenes vid for the CW website Candice quizs executive producer on whats to come on season 3 of TVD including possible introduction of carolines dad, more supernatural beings and most importantly the progression of the Delena relationship which Kevin says will be explosive :D ooooo roll on september is all i have to say.
here is the full interview :

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Fan vid of the day : Damon and Elena - Everything

Kevin Williamson reviews season 2 and previews season 3

PopWrap: How do you feel about the season finale?
Kevin Williamson: I was excited that we got to bring a few of the storylines to a close, so not everything was left as a cliffhanger, while also introducing some new threads for next year. Next season there are several places we can pick up, we don’t have to start right where we left off this time.

PW: Do you like that fans are still scratching their heads over the Vicki-Jeremy-Anna cliffhanger?
Kevin: [laughs] Oh, yes. I’m very excited about that storyline in particular. Right now I hope fans see it as a big question mark, because it should be.

PW: Where did that idea come from?
Kevin: Kayla Ewell. I just loved her. When we made the decision to kill Vicki, it wasn’t an easy one, but something I felt was important to the show because it needed to have a different kind of life. A moment to make people sit back and say, “this show is serious about genre storytelling.” And it worked. But I missed her. Right away I thought, “she can come back.” But then I thought, “dead people have to stay dead or we’re ‘Heroes.'" There here have to be consequences. Especially when people die. In that moment I came up with Jeremy being haunted by Vicky, but that felt stupid. But when Anna came around, everyone fell in love with her too – I mean, the Twitter outrage when she died alone proved that. Then we started playing off the idea that everyone in Jeremy’s life was dying, so I thought, “now there’s a story here!” I was waiting for the right time. It had to be earned. We’ve done werewolves, vampires, we’ve tried to keep it really grounded and now we’re in a place after all the witchy-woo-woo of this year that I think the audience will accept this additional element to our world. So now we’re going to do this whole haunting of Jeremy.

PW: Haunting implies "ghosts" -- is that what you consider Vicki & Anna?
Kevin: No. But if you are thinking ghosts, that is the appropriate place to start.

PW: Does it open the door for more people to return, like Jenna?
Kevin: I guess, but we’re not planning anything like that. There still needs to be a consequence to death, even in this storyline we’ve created with Jeremy. It will abide by a set of rules.

PW: Can I ask, how did you keep it secret?
Kevin: For the longest time, only Julie and I knew. Even when we wrote the final script we kept that scene out. We finally engaged Malese [Jow] & Kayla, who were both excited and on board for it – but the thing is, we had to make sure they were not only available for the finale, but also season three to play out the storyline. But we told them, if people see you in Atlanta, here are your excuses.

PW: Which were?
Kevin: For Kayla it was, “I’ve come to visit my best friend Nina.” For Malese, we told her to say that Anna was involved in a flashback. But it never came out, which was nice because we’re a show that relies on those twists and turns to be most effective. I like that the press had embraced that and played ball.

PW: Julie Plec previously called next year, the "Season of the Originals" -- talk to me a bit about where that's going to take us.
Kevin: It was time for a new element. I mean, talk about a spin-off series [laughs]. Elijah explained how Klaus came about being a few episodes back. So we’re going to build from that mythology, but as you saw from the coffins, there are a lot of originals there. And we have a huge twist already planned for the first episode with them that explains why Klaus was so interested in Stefan. There’s another element to Klaus and what he’s about that you don’t know yet.

PW: Suffice it to say, those coffins won't stay closed for long.
Kevin: It's one of the big things that’s going to happen next year – this family of originals. We’re going to find out who they are, what they’re about, how The Salvatore’s are intertwined with them – Klaus took Stefan for a reason. There’s a big story here. There’s a whole third season of plot we get to mine through these fascinating characters. They’ll show up and hopefully be just as delicious as Klaus & Elijah turned out to be.

PW: Plus, I'm guessing you'll get to bring in that female element I know you love so much.
Kevin: Right? Mama Original! I can’t wait till the sister and the mother crawl out of their coffins. Well, whoever ... we haven’t exactly figured it out yet. But what The Originals have done for us is make us excited again about a whole new chapter in this story. We got all jazzed about this third season – if we can pull it off [laughs].

PW: The finale also leaves us in an intriguing place for the Stefan-Elena-Damon relationship. What excites you about where that goes in season three?
Kevin: We’re in an interesting place now with Stefan and Klaus – and Damon is in a place where he never wanted to be. If he didn’t like playing hero this year, what’s going to happen when he’s forced to do the right thing and save his brother? [laughs] It’s going to be an interesting journey. It’ll be exactly what we set out for, but of course we’ll twist it and turn it. That’s the goal. I’m excited to see the dynamic shift with those three. For Elena, after two seasons of loving her as a strong female figure, I think the audience will now finally hopefully be receptive seeing her buy into what Katherine said, that it’s ok for Elena to love both Stefan and Damon.

PW: Looking back, what do you feel were the most creatively satisfying elements of season two?
Kevin: Katherine. That is a highlight for me. Watching this character, who we truly planned to never see that much, become so alive and delicious thanks to Nina, suddenly it made us reroute the entire season. Also watching all the supporting characters, who I knew were capable of so much more in the first season, get to shine this year was amazing. Especially Caroline. Turning her into a vampire … I knew Candice had it in her.

PW: That torture scene still gets me.
Kevin: [laughs] It’s very rare that you find an actor who can make you laugh and cry in the same line of dialogue. Candice can do it and when you can do that, you’re gold to me because that’s who I want to write for. People who make me excited to see how they’ll perform the words.

PW: Regrets?
Kevin: I feel like there was too much witchy woo-woo. We put the master witch at the center of this entire curse, so as a result of doing that, I felt like some of the episodes became too much about witchcraft and not enough about vampires. But that was me taking the story there. The writer in me wishes I had dialed back on that a bit.

PW: So ... less witches in season three?
Kevin: Oh, no. Don’t get me wrong, I love the witches – and there’s another whole show I’m involved in about witches. I’m glad we told Bonnie’s story – she is another one who I’m so proud of this season.

PW: That was my next question, do you feel like season two became so witch-centric because they were on your brain given "Secret Circle?
Kevin: No. I came on board with "Secret Circle" towards the end, so it was after both storylines had been developed. I think with witches, you’re always in danger of, “if one spell can do this, another bigger one can do this!” You have to limit their powers, the rules have to be very clear with witchcraft or a spell can undo anything. You have to be careful you don’t get sloppy with it. I don’t want to use a spell to write myself out of a corner, the show always strives to make it be real and hard and difficult and clever. As opposed to convenient.

PW: I know you haven't heard yet, but what are you excited about with "Secret Circle?"
Kevin: [gasps] Brittany and Thomas Dekker are so good! I was shocked because he wasn’t interested in doing a TV show, much less a CW show. He’s an indie, quirky film guy – but Thomas is really, really good on this show. We were on-set saying that he turned out even better than we thought. He and Brittany together have incredible chemistry. It’s fun.

PW: Obviously you'll hear this week -- are you feeling optimistic?
Kevin: I am. I was just reading that “The Ringer” was picked up by The CW ... which is funny because when Julie and I were trying to get Sarah Michelle Gellar to play Rose.

PW: Really?
Kevin: Oh yea. Originally me and my pipe dreams – the ones that led me to tell you I wanted Taylor Swift for Lexi – had us trying to get Sarah Michelle Gellar for Rose. She was very appreciative but just said no. She was the only stunt casting we’d have ever agreed to [laughs].

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Top tips for coping with season breaks and hiatus's from TVD

1. Make like Ian Somerhalder (Damon)and find a good cause to which you can donate your time. An animal shelter, perhaps? (Just think: You could score some major points with Mr. Smolderhotter!)

2. Buy Ian, Nina, and Paul trading cards. Spend copious amounts of time cataloging, dusting, and ogling them.

3. DVR the TVD marathon. Instead of watching two episodes a night, watch one or two a week to get you through the dry spell.

4. Every Thursday night, host a TVD-themed party in which everyone dresses up like their favorite character from Mystic Falls. Proceed to talk about your all-time favorite events on the show.

5. Reenact your favorite moments (Tyler’s transformation? Cave sex?What, too much?) with your friends. It will be way cooler than a Renaissance fair reenactment. We promise.

Photo Credit: The CW ©2010 The CW Network

"Running lines." A good excuse to cuddle up close.

6.Listen to Paul Wesley speaking Polish. Rowr.

7. Enjoy photos ofladies man Ian Somerhalder.

8. Commit all ofDamon’s best snarks from Season 2 to memory. Shamelessly quote him at any given opportunity.

9. Spend some time with Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy) to help him solve his Bloodlines Revealed mystery.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Nina + Ian = 4Eva.

10. Read the entireseries of TVD books.

11. Enjoy some smokin’ hot pictures of Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley inGQ Germany. They never, ever get old.

12. Learn everything you possibly can about Kat Graham (Bonnie) by scouring our site. From her music videos, to her fashion advice: We’ve got it all!

13. Buy the entire first and Second season (when released) on DVD and have viewing parties with your pals. Bonus: There won’t be any pesky commercials to interrupt all thoseshirtless harrowing moments.

14. Take to Youtube and watch cast interviews and amazing Fan vids.

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10 facts about Paul Wesley

1. His given name is Paul Thomas Wasilewski, but he shortened his surname to Wesley somewhere along the line. Smart move.
2. He loves himself some outdoor winter sports. Paul says some of his fave pastimes are snowboarding and ice hockey.
3. He’s Polish and lived there for part of his childhood.Handsome and worldly? Check and check. Did you know Paul even speaks the lingo?
4. Paul is a reformed bad boy. Okay, you caught us, we sort of knew that already. But what we didn’t know was...
5. He covered up an old tattoo with a rose. No deets on what the original was, but we can’t think of a better way to bury your bad boy ways than by covering up some skull-and-crossbones teenage mishap with the world’s sweetest-smelling plant. Shows real growth.
6. His favorite Vampire Diaries moment ever? The one right before Stefan and Elena make love for their first time. There are few things hotter/more adorbs than watching him discuss this moment. (We’re seriously beginning to doubt that “bad boy” label...)
7. He originally auditioned for the role of Damon Salvatore.Paul didn’t have his heart set on playing the level-headed younger Salvatore from the start. He actually read for Damon — the slightly maniacal, bloodthirsty older Salvatore — first, but we think he ended up in the right place.
8. Even though he’s been independently pursuing his career since high school, Paul admits he’s very close to his family.Word is he maintains close relationships with his mama and three sisters. Cute!
9. He didn’t go to his prom. Très rebellious. Future super stars have much better things to do on Saturday night, obvi.
10. He was made for supernatural roles. Or least vampire ones. Not only has Paul starred in three supernatural lead roles (Wolf Lake, Fallen, The Vampire Diaries), the New Jersey native also has naturally pointed teeth. Yes, really!

Julie Plec on Season finale & hints on whats to come in season 3

Now that the mind-blowing season finale is behind us (boo!), TVDproducer Julie Plec is finally ready to give us the real scoop on next season and answer some burning finale questions. (Oh, it should go without saying, but there are spoilers ahead!) Thanks to TV Line andEntertainment Weekly for the scoop!

Um, first off: Team Klaus and Stefan? Plec says she knew for “quite a long time” that the two vamps would team up come finale time. We witnessed Damon’s existential crisis all season, and now it’s Stefan’s turn to self-examine. He’s been confronted with “the thing he hates the most about himself” (read: he LOVES blood!). How will he deal? Only time will tell.

Bad Stefan’s back! But how does Paul Wesley (Stefan) feel about it? Plec says it was “probably Paul Wesley’s happiest day on set” when he “was getting to dive back into that [evil] side of Stefan.” And there you have it. Paul loves being the bad boy. And we kinda like watching him.

So, Katherine saved Damon. Is she getting soft on us? Plec explains: “While by no means is she a good girl now — she’s still looking out for No. 1 — she took a detour off her escape route to give him back what she took from him at the beginning of the season.” Remember when the vamp vixen told him, “It’s always been Stefan, I never loved you”? Plec says “she was fixing that wound a little bit” by saving his life. Well, uh, that’s nice?

Katherine’s running again, and Stefan promised to help Klaus hunt her. Knowing that, can we expect some sweet scenes outside of Mystic Falls? “I have no idea. That is a question to be discussed,” Plec says. “...But definitely, she’s got her freedom, which she’s wanted for awhile, and we’ll see how long it lasts.” Tease!

Next up: The Kiss! What does Delena’s romantic moment mean for the future of that love triangle? “In that moment, Damon needed her forgiveness and her love, and she needed to give it to him. It was very pure for her,” Plec dishes. “There’s a lot that happened in that moment, and Season 3 is gonna be about exploring what it means to her, what it means to Damon, and certainly what it means to the Damon-Elena-Stefan relationship.” Why do we have a feeling Katherine will be the one to let that secret spill?

They were a huge part of the second half of the season, so will Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gilles) become series regulars?“...These two actors are extraordinary, and the story of the Originals is probably longer than the Bible and we can’t wait to dig into it,” Plec says. She continues: “I personally think that the world would be a very sad place if The Vampire Diaries never saw Daniel Gillies as Elijah again.” We’ll take that as a very coy YES.

Here’s a biggie: What the eff is going to happen with Jeremy?Plec spills that his weird supernatural experience in the ep’s final minutes — catching a glimpse of both Anna and Vicki — “is born out of this idea that Bonnie (Kat Graham) went against the laws of nature when she brought Jeremy back to life.” Clearly, the witches are pissed at Bon for going against their wishes. They threatened consequences, and Plec says the return of Vicki and Anna are just “the beginning.” And “whether they’re in his mind or haunting him,” Plec says these particular vamps will “have an enormous impact on Bonnie and Jeremy” if they “stick around.” Ruh roh!

Now, for a little rapid fire round:

Who will take care of Jeremy and Elena now that Jenna’s out of the picture? We’re all gunning for Alaric to step in to play guardian — and Plec says that’s a good possibility.

What else should we know about Klaus and his creepy hybrid-ness? “The rules of the hybrid and all that comes with being the hybrid, we’ve just scratched the surface,” Plec says. Which means: Prepare to be shocked. Again and again.

Speaking of hybrids, where did that ingenious idea come from? “Before we wrote a single page of Season 2,” she says. “...That was always the plan.” Welp, we never see that one coming!

We will see Tyler come fall, right? “Absolutely,” Plec says. Even better? ”... Hopefully, we’ll be able to really dig deeply into Tyler’s friendship and blossoming romantic interest in Caroline.” Score!

And uh, where exactly are Klaus and Stefan headed? To put it bluntly, Plec says: “The direct road to awesomeness.” For some reason, we don’t doubt that. One bit.

Source: Entertainment Weekly, TV Line

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Paul signs on for "The Baytown disco"

So Paul wesley has signed onto the movie "the baytown disco" alongside eva longoria and Billy bob thornton. According to a press release, the movie an action comedy about three hillbilly brothers (seriously? Is Paul Wesley going redneck?) who get into all sorts of trouble trying to save a woman’s son from his supposedly abusive dad. Sounds like a great role for our boy. It is to be filmed in louisiana so not far from atlanta where they film TVD. We here are so happy to see Paul taking on another role along with Nina who has of course started filming "the perks of being a wallflower" so that just leaves our Ian to sign on to a film now lol :D