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Elena and Damon romance is on its way according to Kevin williamson

so for all delena supporters Kevin Williamson has confirmed that there is going to be some Delena loving in the future. While he is not saying whether it will be in season 2 or 3 it seems as though they are definately intending on heading to a romance between the two. personally i think its a natural way to go for the show and also it will add some intense passion and besides their sexual tension has been evident and teasing for a long time now. here is what Kevin had to say :

“The premiere for me was our underhanded way of saying that this is the year we have to deal head on with the relationship between Damon and Elena.”

“I think he has such a long road to haul before he can ever be a viable option in her eyes. He’s done so many horrible things – his attack on Jeremy being the worst. I don’t know how you ever get over such a deliberately evil move. It’s going to take a long time for her to get over that. But as Katherine said, hate is the beginning of most love stories.”

He continued: “It’s romantic comedy 101 – they have to hate each other first, and that will eventually turn itself inside out. But whether or not it’s this season or next season, we’ll have to wait and see.”

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Vampire Diaries 2010 in review

So this has been an epic year The Vampire Diaries. With an amazing first season which saw the books brought to life with the introduction of the much loved characters Elena, Stefan, Damon, jeremy, Bonnie, alaric, jenna, matt, vicky, caroline, tyler, sheriff forbes and many more. Season one was full of twists and turns including the arrival of Damon, Damon dance (personally one of my fav scenes of season 1 lol), damon turning vicky- stefan killing vicky, Damons attempts to bring back katherine, the escape of the tomb vampires, the development of the love triangle between elena, stefan and damon, Jeremys romances with both vicky and then anna, flashbacks to stefan and damons past, alaric and jenna romance develops, the revelation that isobel - alarics missing wife- is not onli actually a vampire and was turned by damon but also we found out she is actually elena's mother, introduction of uncle john gilbert and his attempt to rid mystic falls of vampires with the gilbert device. The season ended with the return of Katherine ready to cause chaos.
When season one finished we couldn't wait for season 2 to start to find out Katherines plans and why she had returned to mystic falls. We are half way through season 2 and already we have seen flashbacks to katherines past explaining her character, katherine turning caroline into a vampire, jeremy and Bonnie's relationship developing and jeremy stepping up to protect elena, damon breaking jeremys neck not knowing he had a protective ring, elena in turn hating damon again for trying to kill jeremy, arrival of mason lockwood who brings us the werewolf story of the lockwoods, the revelation that the oldest vamp of time Klaus is after Elena as part of a sacrifice ritual to break the curse for vampires, Damon kills mason, Tylers first transformation into a werewolf, tyler and carolines developing relationship, introduction of Rose, Stefan and Damon save Elena, Elenas feelings towards Damon soften somewhat, Damon confesses his love to Elena before wiping the memory from her, Stefan and elena temporarily break up, Katherine gets put in the tomb, stefan gets trapped in the tomb with her until elijah releases him back into Elenas arms, Rose gets bitted by werewolf jules who is one of masons friends.
oooof and that is onli in half of season 2 lol so hope i covered everything. so with all the epicness which has passed in the last year heres to more to come in 2011 with the rest of season 2 and then season 3 :D

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New Ian GQ germany outtakes by collin stark

unfff omg them eyes just totally make me melt :p

Paul on womens wear daily cover

These pics are from Pauls Womens wear daily shoot :D he is looking mighty fine

Update on casting for "Klaus" - julie plec talks to EW

'Vampire Diaries' scoop: A couple hundred actors have read for Klaus

Fans have been more than happy to offer their picks online. “We like the people on Twitter who are like ‘Alexander Skarsgard has to be Klaus!’ I’m like really? ‘Cause that’s original,” Plec says, laughing. They’re willing to think outside the box. “The big important elements of this character are charisma and gravitas. You’ve got to be able to be afraid of this guy, whether you’re afraid of him because he looks scary or because he’s so charming that the fact that he can snap your neck with his pinky would take you by surprise. So whether he’s an Old Word-flavored guy or new hip, contemporary, speedy kinda guy, that remains to be seen. We’ll see what actor we connect to the most.” The character will make his appearance by season’s end, Plec says.

The suggestions line is open: Who would you cast? Having seen Gale Harold’s name pitched elsewhere, we voiced our approval to Plec, and she said he’s a little older than what they’re envisioning. So you have that to go on. The idea of casting a relative unknown is intriguing: Daniel Gillies (pictured, with Nina Dobrev), who recurs as Elijah, another of the ancient vampires known as The Originals, is doing a great job of keeping viewers guessing. If age and star status weren’t an issue, we’d love to see what Idris Elba could do with the character. He’s mentioned that he’d be into reviving Wesley Snipes’ Blade, he’s still open to TV (The Office, The Big C, Luther), and most importantly, he genuinely seems to enjoy shaking things up. “I get criticized for taking roles in films like Ghost Rider 2, but if you look at my résumé, dude, I’ve mixed it up as much as I can,” he told us recently. “I love to play different roles. That’s just the kind of actor I am.”

Follow Mandi on Twitter: @EWMandiBierly

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Ian and Nina make NY posts 30 sexiest stars list

Both Ian and Nina made it onto New York Post's list of the 30 sexiest stars of 2010. Ian was at #12 and Nina featured at #13. We couldn't agree more :D to celebrate here are some hot pics of the two.

New Flare outtake of Nina

courtest of Oh Nina Org

TVD makes TV guides "TV's Unforgettable Moments 2010"

TV Guide has posted their TV Guide Network special “TV’s Unforgettable Moments of 2010″ on YouTube. our beloved Vampire Diaries made #11 on their list for the most touching moment of the season so far: Damon confessing his love for Elena from the episode Rose – jump to 3:23 in the video. There’s also a mention of Jimmy Fallon’s Emmy opening number at #13, which included Nina Dobrev.

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Amazing Fan vid : Damon/Elena - Katherine/Stefan; (Love the way you lie part 2)

Paul Wesley Steps Out for a Romantic Movie Date

The Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley stepped out for a movie date with his girlfriend,Torrey DeVitto, in LA last night. He's in CA on a break from shooting his hit show in the South, though there are big things planed for the series when it returns from its holiday hiatus. The Vampire Diaries cleaned up in Buzz's Best of 2010 polls, thanks in part to Paul and his costar Ian Somerhalder's handsome faces.

Vampire Diaries wins big in 2010 Sugar awards

Katherine won best TV villain of 2010 while Damon and Elena won TV couple with the hottest sexual tension and the whole cast was awarded by recieving the best network TV drama 2010. yeyyyy go VD family :D this is awesome and just goes to show that Vampire diaries has not lost popularity and is still the top shop wooo.

Nina is Flare magazines Feb cover girl


The up-and-coming Canadian starlet graces our February 2011 cover

  • By Alex Breen

“I don’t see myself any differently than I did a few years ago,” says 22 year-old Nina Dobrev from the set of our Toronto cover shoot. “Aside from the fact that I’ve moved over nine times and I’m now a bloodsucker,” she adds with a laugh. “It’s been a step by step process and I’ve had the luxury of adjusting to every different phase.”

Dobrev’s journey to TV sensation and cover girl started two years ago, when her Degrassi: The Next Generationcharacter boarded a plane headed for Paris to pursue a career as an international model. It ended up being a case of art imitating reality when in real life, after the episode wrapped, Dobrev packed her bags and left her hometown of Toronto to try her luck in Hollywood. The move paid off in spades. In less than a year, she landed the coveted parts of Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce in The Vampire Diaries.

In addition to starring in the hit vampire series, Dobrev is also set to play Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz’s pregnant wife in the upcoming thriller The Killing Game, opposite Samuel Jackson.

Dobrev can currently be seen in The Vampire Diaries (Thursdays @ 8pm ET/PT on /A\). For more of my exclusive interview, check out the February issue of FLARE, on newsstands January 10th. Here's a teaser until then:

Diary she would love to read:
“I would never actually read anyone’s diary, but I would be fascinated to step into Rachel McAdams’s shoes. We're both from Ontario and studied in Toronto so I'd be interested to know what her process, achievements, and hardships have been throughout the years. She’s a great talent who holds her own opposite names such as Robert Downey Jr., Diane Keaton, Eric Bana, and Harrison Ford.”

Her most memorable day:

?“There have been so many, but most recently, being part of The Emmys was pretty incredible. I documented every moment from the recording of the Bruce Springsteen track "Born To Be” to the rehearsals with Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, and Jane Lynch (to name a few) to the on stage performance/dance we all did on Emmy night. It was so exhilarating and fun.”

The best date:
“It’s a toss up between two: “[In the first], I was supposed to have a date with someone, and at the last minute I had to fly to another city for business. Not only was he extremely understanding of the whole situation, but he surprised me by flying to meet me for dinner later that night. I was shocked at how far (literally) he would go to surprise, and spend time with me. It was very romantic. [In the second], after a long, extremely exhausting, and emotionally draining day on set, I got back home to find my boyfriend in the kitchen making me dinner. He handed me a glass of wine and walked me into the living room where there was a massage table set up. He said ‘You've had a rough day, I have a masseuse coming to the house in a few minutes and after you're finished with your massage dinner will be ready.’ I almost died. That is what I call romantic and thoughtful.”

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Are Ian and Nina together for xmas ???

Ian tweeted :

and Nina tweeted :

So both Nina and Ian have tweeted pics of them at ski resorts which coincidentally look identical so have the two jetted off to spend xmas and new year together ?? well i guess we cant tell for sure but it certainly looks like it :D hope they have had a lovely time where ever they are.


Merry christmas from us girls at the vampire diaries lovers :D Thanks for all the support so far just hope it continues and we hope you have had a great time so far I know I have. Christmas is all about family and that is your blood family but also your friends and the people you care about and I am so thankful that I have such a great family of relatives, friends on twitter, youtube, facebook as well as my friends who I have known for years and I love them all and it has been so lovely to spend time with all of you over this festive period. i wont drone on anymore so hope you have all had a fab Christmas and heres to new year :D

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cute fan vid : The Vampire Diaries // I Got You

Ian Somerhalder confirmed as first guest for the bloodynightcon in Spain

KLZ Events is pleased to announce the first guest to the Vampire Diaries BloodyNightCon, IAN SOMERHALDER, one of TV’s sexiest vampires and also one of the most awaited guests. Ian will be there to enjoy the event on Saturday and Sunday and to join the fans for the scheduled activities.

The event will take place on the 11th and 12th on June 2011, the date coinciding with the Supernatural Rising Con. Klz Events wants to unite both conventions so that the fans of both TV series can meet their favourite actors!

For more info click Here

The Vampire Diaries Update: Will Isobel return to Mystic Falls?

julie pec talks to TV fanatic - part 1

Overall, what can we expect when the show returns?
We’re going to come to the end of what we’re calling our werewolf chapter, which will really take that story to a really dark place and really change a lot of characters lives, not necessarily in a good way.

We are going to dig deeper into the secrets of our new witches and what Bonnie's role is going to be in their story, and of course it's all about the fear of the impending Klaus, and who’s going to be fighting on who’s side, who’s bond is with who, who’s going to betray whom, and is this curse going to be lifted at the hands of a sacrifice that would kill Elena. We’re full steam ahead.

Do you ever fear the show will run out of storylines?
We never worry that we’re going to run out of steam because we know we have a lot of story to tell and that story can go on and on. What’s complicated is every episode is brand new. Rather than working on a CSI or even X-Files, where each week you have this formula to build off of, it’s like we’re starting a new movie from scratch each week. It’s trying to do that at a level of consistency of quality week after week, it’s just a really daunting task.

More than anything it’s not do we have enough story, it's how can we tell the best story possible every week in the time that we have. All of us are control freaks and perfectionists, so we kill ourselves trying to do it and I’m proud of it. Either the show will get cancelled in five years or we’ll die before one of the two things happen (laughs). We’re always going to try to make it as great as it can be.

How many more werewolves are coming to Mystic Falls?
That I can’t say, but I will say Tyler isn’t the only one, as we’ve just met Jules. Jules was talking to someone on the phone during the previous episode, and it's quite possible that that somebody might be showing up to town pretty soon.

Will we ever see Nina Dobrev take on more than two characters/episode?
That would be so cool and so hard to do. If we were ever going to do that to that poor thing, it would have to be the storyline of the century. Who knows!

Is there a clause in Ian Somerhalder's contract about appearing shirtless a certain number of times per month?
(Laughs.) No. It’s funny, we had a little bit of a drought of our shirtless boys this season, because we only put them shirtless when it feels right for the story. But I looked at Kevin and I was like, “everybody’s had too many clothes on for the last 6 or 7 episodes. This is wrong. So we’ll be seeing more bare-chested boys as we go into the New Year. All totally organic to the story, as always, of course (laughs).

Do you have any idea who will play Klaus?
None whatsoever. We started the casting process, we’re early in it. We have high standards, and high hopes. It's going to be very tough to not only hold their own against Ian and Paul, but also Daniel Gillies [Elijah], who a pretty tremendous actor. We’re taking the casting very seriously and it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

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Cover revealed for Stefans diaries: volume 3 -The craving

This is the cover for volume 3 of stefans diaries. This follows volume one : origins with the stefan cover and volume two: bloodlust with the Damon cover. Volume one is already on sale now and volume two is released 4th january 2011 and volume 3 will follow after with a release date of 3rd may 2011 You can preorder them now at or :D so with these plus the newest vampire diaries book (the return : midnight) there will be lots of juicy reading ahead in 2011 for us VD fans.

EyeCon Announces First North American Vampire Diaries Convention Mar 25-27

Eyecon has announced the very first Vampire Diaries Convention set for March 25th through 27th in Atlanta, GA. Here are the deets. Tickets go on sale December 29th at 12PM EST!

We’re proud to announce the dates of March 25-27, 2011 for the first ever North American Vampire Diaries convention! The place will be The Westin Atlanta Airport Hotel in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia, where the show is filmed! There will never be another first!
Welcome to our special event dedicated to the hit CW series The Vampire Diaries! This will be the first ever North American gathering for fans of the series who will be immersed into the world of their favorite vampire series! The stars of Vampire Diaries have not made very many appearances at all, this may be your only opportunity to not only meet them, but to party with them! The exposure to the celebrities will be unprecedented as the weekend will feature games, panels, parties, Celebrity Q&A and Photo Op Sessions, Celebrity Autograph Sessions, a Cocktail Party and Banquet with the Stars, and a Masquerade Ball on Saturday Evening, all of which will feature our amazing celebrity lineup! We chose Atlanta over Orlando for this convention as it is where the Vampire Diaries films so it kept travel for the celebrity guests to a necessary minimum. Finally, it’s your chance to get a meet and party with the sexy stars of The Vampire Diaries. If you are a fan of The Vampire Diaries, we welcome you enthusiastically and promise a weekend of excitement!

Also Paul Wesley is the first announced guest to the convention:

Paul Wesley, who plays the mysterious and noble Stefan Salvatore, has been confirmed to appear at EyeCon! This will be Paul’s first ever North American convention appearance. He will be signing autographs, taking photos, giving a Q&A and partying with attendees!

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BTS pic of Ian, Paul and Micheal

wow 175 million votes cast for peoples choice awards 2011

"Fans Show Their Support In Record Numbers by Casting 175 Million Votes for People’s Choice Awards 2011"

NEW YORK, Dec. 20, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — People’s Choice announced today that fans have cast a record-breaking 175 million votes thus far for PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS 2011, a 182% increase over last year’s voting total. The winners in movie, music, TV and online categories will be announced during the live telecast from the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2011 (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/delayed PT) on the CBS Television Network. While the majority of the categories are officially closed, fans can continue to voice their choice at for the final two categories, “Favorite New TV Comedy” and “Favorite New TV Drama,” which remain open through the start of the live show.

“We have seen a dramatic increase in votes over the past several years, from 13 million in 2009, to 62 million in 2010, to 175 million so far for the 2011 show. We are thrilled that the fans are continuing to show support for their favorites in this way,” said Fred Nelson, president of People’s Choice. ”A big factor for achieving this incredible response is the fans’ continued use of social media to engage and share their opinions on entertainment.”

This year PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS 2011 became the first major awards show to enable voting simultaneously across all leading social media networks. Through applications developed specifically for Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, nominees and fans alike were able to cast official votes by tweeting a specific series of hashtags and posting votes directly in-wall or on official pages. In addition to providing new and innovative ways for fans to cast votes, these social media outlets provided the perfect place for fans to continue the conversation about the awards and accounted for more than 25% of the total traffic to during the voting timeframe.

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Michaela McManus talks jules motives/damon shower

'Vampire Diaries' exclusive: Michaela McManus talks Jules' motives (and Damon's shower scene)by Mandi Bierly

vampire-diaries-mcmanus_320.jpg Image Credit: Annette Brown/The CWHearing that Michaela McManus originally auditioned for the role of Rose onThe Vampire Diaries makes that scene in last week’s midseason cliffhanger, in which her werewolf Jules took a bite out of vampire Rose, somehow more delicious. Having wrapped for the holidays yesterday, McManus (One Tree Hill, Law & Order: SVU) phoned us this afternoon so we could get to know the newest arrival in Mystic Falls a little better. Yes, Jules will be sticking around for a while when the show returns with new episodes on Jan. 27. McManus — who auditioned for Jules, found out that same day she got the part, and had one day before she was on a plane to Atlanta — says she’s filmed another three episodes and doesn’t know when her arc will end. “I’m always curious every time we get a script. It’s like, Hmm, what’s gonna happen to Jules now.”

So what did we learn? We’d do well to remember that exec producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec don’t write one-dimensional characters: “The fans don’t really know how to respond to Jules because as much as she is tough and a threat to Damon, she is also coming back to avenge her friend’s death, so you can’t really blame her for that,” McManus says. “She’s not outright crazy or mean. She’s just trying to protect herself and get back at Damon for what he’s done to Mason.” So does Jules want to make the ancient battle of the beasts her war, or is she just a provoked pacifist like Mason? “There’s this centuries-old feud between vampires and werewolves because they’re a threat to one another, and she definitely harbors a little bit of that,” she teases. “But the thing about Jules is, she has a sensitive side. She has to live with being a werewolf and every full moon transforming into this beast who wreaks havoc, but it’s not something she’s proud of or happy with. I don’t think she’s the kind of werewolf that just likes to go around tearing up people. She definitely has a hard time with it.”

Asked if she’s gotten to film a transformation scene yet, she says she’s shot a partial one: “Coming out of it is what I filmed. When they turn, they transform into this beast, and the morning after, it’s discovering what happened last night. It’s kind of like blacking out when they turn. They’re not necessarily conscious of what they’re doing.” For the first time in her career, McManus is doing stunt work and she’s loving it. “Jules gets pretty physical, and I think people will be impressed with her skills,” she says. “[The show] is doing a lot more action. It’s something to tune in for.”

Michael Trevino, who plays Tyler, told EW last week that Jules wants to take Mason’s nephew under her win. “She feels kind of responsible for what happened to Mason, and he was this special person to her. So knowing that Tyler is there and he’s unprotected, she wants to take over for Mason and make sure that nothing happens to him,” she says. “She has good motives, I think.” (We’ll trust her, even though Trevino telling us, “She wants Tyler and she needs him — for what, I can’t say,” makes us cautious.) As for what exactly Jules’ relationship was with Mason, she’s not telling. (Did they live together? Did she sublet his place when Mason left Florida for Virginia? Or did she just have calls to his land line forwarded to hers?) But she says it’ll be made clear sooner rather than later. She’s also not revealing what Jules’ relationship is with Brady (Stephen Amell), another buddy of Mason’s who’ll come to town with a vengeance. ”He’s a special friend, possibly, to Jules,” she says. Is Jules the kind of girl who has a lot of “special friends” we ask, hopefully. She just laughs. Not wanting to say anything that will set off a spoiler alert, she states the obvious: “His character is gonna bring a lot of trouble to Mystic Falls.”

From the promo for the Jan. 27 return, we know that Jules continues to face off with Damon (Ian Somerhalder), and McManus promises, even though Damon is feeling vulnerable with Rose, his “special friend,” going insane and presumably dying from Jules’ bite, he’s still the badass we’ve all come to love. “She’s after him, and he’s just as much after her. It’s really fun to see the two of them battle it out,” she says. “[Ian's] so great. In real life, he’s such a charmer and so funny. When you’re working with him, he’s just completely unafraid to take risks. He changes things up, he’s always in the moment. It’s just a good time whenever I have a scene with him.”

Another reason we eagerly await the second half of the season — that much talked about shower scene Somerhalder recently filmed. There’s no chance Damon and Jules have a truce long enough for an unexpected romantic tryst, right? “It’s funny, because my mom actually emailed me when she read that story. She’s like, ‘This better not be you!’” McManus says, laughing. “‘That better not be you takin’ your clothes off!’ Hey, it’s The Vampire Diaries. They’re no stranger to spicing it up. So it’s possible. Who knows.”

Courtesy of EW -

Nina one of EW's 5 Breakout TV stars of 2010

Nina has been listed as one of EW's five breakout TV stars of 2010. Havin pulled double duty as Elena and Katherine she has kicked ass and really shone this season and I think there is even more to come as we delve deeper into the series.

CW Soure behind the scenes Interviews

CW Source interviewed Paul Wesley Sara Canning, Steven R.McQueen,Katerina Graham and Ian Somerhalder on the Vampire Diaries set.


Ian thanks his fans

Ian Somerhalder thanks all of his fans for his birthday wishes and for supporting the Ian Somerhalder Foundation.


TV Guide Interview with Ian Somerhalder

Ian discusses the brotherly bond between Damon and Stefan

source: TV Guide

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ian thanks fans for support of IS foundation

click the link to watch a new interview with Ian somerhalder where he thanks us fans for the support we have shown. Lets keep showing that support and keep donating and promoting the foundation.

Wetpaints tips for surviving the VD hiatus

Elizabeth Allen and Nina Dobrev on the Set of Season 2, Episode 11: "By the Light of the Moon"

Nina talks shop with director Elizabeth Allen, who has also worked on Life Unexpected and Gossip Girl.

We’ve entered what is perhaps one of the most desolate periods of TV viewing: The dreaded winter hiatus.

While we can’t help but feel cheated out of our weekly hour of intimacy with the folks from Mystic Falls, we realize that yes — they too need a break. Still, it doesn’t make filling that Thursday night void seem any easier. So, after careful consideration, we’ve come up with a few ideas to help pass the the time a little less painfully.

Michael Trevino, Matt Davis, Zach Roerig, and Steven R. McQueen in the Young Hollywood Photo Booth

Oh, Steven... you are just too cool for school.

1. Make like Ian Somerhalder (Damon) and find a good cause to which you can donate your time. An animal shelter, perhaps? (Just think: You could score some major points with Mr. Smolderhotter!)

2. Buy Ian, Nina, and Paul trading cards. Spend copious amounts of time cataloging, dusting, and ogling them.

3. DVR the TVD marathon. Instead of watching two episodes a night, watch one or two a week to get you through the dry spell.

4. Every Thursday night, host a TVD-themed party in which everyone dresses up like their favorite character from Mystic Falls. Proceed to talk about your all-time favorite events on the show.

5. Reenact your favorite moments (Tyler’s transformation? Cave sex? What, too much?) with your friends. It will be way cooler than a Renaissance fair reenactment. We promise.

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder on the Set of Season 2, Episode 11: "By the Light of the Moon"

"Running lines." A good excuse to cuddle up close.

6. Finish up your holiday shopping.

7. Enjoy photos of ladies man Ian Somerhalder.

8. Commit all of Damon’s best snarks from Season 2 to memory. Shamelessly quote him at any given opportunity.

9. Spend some time with Steven R. McQueen(Jeremy) to help him solve his Bloodlines Revealed mystery.

10. Campaign for Joshua Jackson to be cast as Klaus by tweeting and retweeting #PaceyAsKlaus constantly. Or, vote for who you’d like to play Klaus here.

Elizabeth Allen and Nina Dobrev on the Set of Season 2, Episode 11: "By the Light of the Moon"

Nina talks shop with director Elizabeth Allen, who has also worked on Life Unexpected and Gossip Girl.

11. Watch the extended preview of Episode 2.11,“The Descent,” on a continuous loop until it airs on January 27.

12. Read the entire series of TVD books.

13. Enjoy some smokin’ hot pictures of Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley in GQ Germany. They never, ever get old.

14. Learn everything you possibly can aboutKat Graham (Bonnie) by scouring our site. From her music videos, to her fashion advice: We’ve got it all!

15. Buy the entire first season on DVD and have viewing parties with your pals. Bonus: There won’t be any pesky commercials to interrupt all those shirtless harrowing moments.

So there you have it, TVD fans. It’s going to be a long, cold winter. But remember: We’re all in it together!

Vote for VD in E! onlines Best TV show 2010

so Vampire Diaries is amongst lots of other great 2010 TV shows competiting for E! onlines Best TV show nod. The first round of voting runs until december 16th and you are able to vote as many times as you want. At the moment Vampire Diaries is winning with 100% of the votes against its competition "the office" but lets keep going to make sure we win. Head here to vote :

upcoming VD episode names and air dates revealed

Episode 2.12 - The descent - 27th January

Episode 2.13 - Daddy issues - 3rd february

Episode 2.14 - Crying wolf - 10th february

so do you think these titles give anything away ?

Ian's IS foundation website up

So everyone head to to check out the full site for Ian Somerhalder's foundation to help support animals and their enironment its a really good cause so check out the website and get involved in any way you can.