Friday, December 31, 2010

Vampire Diaries 2010 in review

So this has been an epic year The Vampire Diaries. With an amazing first season which saw the books brought to life with the introduction of the much loved characters Elena, Stefan, Damon, jeremy, Bonnie, alaric, jenna, matt, vicky, caroline, tyler, sheriff forbes and many more. Season one was full of twists and turns including the arrival of Damon, Damon dance (personally one of my fav scenes of season 1 lol), damon turning vicky- stefan killing vicky, Damons attempts to bring back katherine, the escape of the tomb vampires, the development of the love triangle between elena, stefan and damon, Jeremys romances with both vicky and then anna, flashbacks to stefan and damons past, alaric and jenna romance develops, the revelation that isobel - alarics missing wife- is not onli actually a vampire and was turned by damon but also we found out she is actually elena's mother, introduction of uncle john gilbert and his attempt to rid mystic falls of vampires with the gilbert device. The season ended with the return of Katherine ready to cause chaos.
When season one finished we couldn't wait for season 2 to start to find out Katherines plans and why she had returned to mystic falls. We are half way through season 2 and already we have seen flashbacks to katherines past explaining her character, katherine turning caroline into a vampire, jeremy and Bonnie's relationship developing and jeremy stepping up to protect elena, damon breaking jeremys neck not knowing he had a protective ring, elena in turn hating damon again for trying to kill jeremy, arrival of mason lockwood who brings us the werewolf story of the lockwoods, the revelation that the oldest vamp of time Klaus is after Elena as part of a sacrifice ritual to break the curse for vampires, Damon kills mason, Tylers first transformation into a werewolf, tyler and carolines developing relationship, introduction of Rose, Stefan and Damon save Elena, Elenas feelings towards Damon soften somewhat, Damon confesses his love to Elena before wiping the memory from her, Stefan and elena temporarily break up, Katherine gets put in the tomb, stefan gets trapped in the tomb with her until elijah releases him back into Elenas arms, Rose gets bitted by werewolf jules who is one of masons friends.
oooof and that is onli in half of season 2 lol so hope i covered everything. so with all the epicness which has passed in the last year heres to more to come in 2011 with the rest of season 2 and then season 3 :D

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