Wednesday, June 29, 2011

TVD nominations for teen choice awards 2011 announced

So TVD has been nominated in lots of categories at the teen choice awards this year which is very exciting. The catergories are :

  • Ian Somerhalder for Actor Fantasy/Sci-Fi
  • Paul Wesley for Actor Fantasy/Sci-Fi
  • Nina Dobrev for Actress Fantasy/Sci-Fi
  • Michael Trevino for Scene Stealer Male
  • Katerina Graham for Scene Stealer Female
  • Joseph Morgan for Villain
  • The Vampire Diaries for Fantasy Sci/Fi
  • Ian Somerhalder for Male Hottie
  • Nina Dobrev for Female Hottie
So make sure you register and vote every day at

TRANSATLANTYK Festival: Paul Wesley - Festival's Ambassador

Paul Wesley is in Poland supporting his friend Jan Kaczmarek’s film festival, which is coming up in a few weeks. Paul is serving as the Ambassador to the event. Its so weird but lovely to hear paul speaking polish in this video.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vid : MMVAs 2011: Nina Dobrev press room interview

Revealed : TVD Cast going to Comic Con

Thanks to @cadlymack on twitter who is a very reputable source we have found out that the cast members who will be attending Comic Con this year are Nina, Ian, Paul, Candice and joseph along with Kevin and Julie of course :D this is a great line up and nice to see candice and joseph will be there as well im guessing this is because they will have a very active role in season 3.

Another vid of Nina and Ian at MMVAs

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vampire Diaries panel confimed for Comic Con 2011

So it has finally confirmed that TVD will have a panel at this years Comic Con in san diego on july 21st im so happy because last year lets face it they rocked there has been no word on which cast members will be in attendance but im sure it will be Julie, Kevin, Nina, Ian and paul plus some of the other cast but we will keep you posted on all the lastest as it happens.

What to expect from Season 2 DVD

Warner Bros. has announced the release date for the second season of "The Vampire Diaries" on Blu-Ray and DVD. You can get your hands on all the bloody goodness on August 30, 2011 -- giving you plenty of time to re-watch all 22 episodes before Season 3 premieres. Well... if you call in sick a couple of times, and never really sleep.

In addition to every episode of Season 2, here's what you can expect when you buy your DVD.

  • A digital copy. Not only will you be able to watch on your DVD player, but you'll be able to load all the episodes onto your iPad, iPhone, or pet robot.
  • Pages of the Wolf: Three Featurettes. The introduction of the werewolf pack to "The Vampire Diaries" this season paid off in a big way at the end. The first wolf featurette, "The Myth and The Mystery," will explore the lore behind the new creatures. The second one, "Building the Beasts" will show you how the cast and crew worked with real and mechanical wolves behind the scenes. The third, "Howling at the Moon," will give you an inside look at Michael Trevino's transformation process.
  • "Her Own Worst Enemy: Elena, Catherine and Nina!" This featurette explores Nina's work as both Katherine and Elena and gives fans an inside look at the characters and the actress behind them.
  • "The Perfect Love Triangle: Vampires, Werewolves, Witches: Setting the Record Straight on Who's Nibbling on Whom for the First Two Season." The cast and creators weigh in on the show's romantic geometry problems.
  • The gag reel! Last year's gag reel featured Nina tripping, Paul drooling, and more graceful moments we didn't see on The CW. Can't wait to see what they come up with this time!
  • Deleted scenes. On the first season DVD set, we saw a glimpse at a deleted scene that revealed a lot about Matt and his not-so-boring family history. What new information will this year's unaired moments offer?
  • Commentary on "Masquerade." Executive producers Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson weigh in on this season's most glamorous episode.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ian and Nina to attend and present at MuchMusic awards

So it has been revealed that both Ian and Nina will be attending and presenting at the Much Music awards on june 19th. Yeyyyy more nian cuteness to look forward to lol. No word yet on whether paul will be going with them.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ian interview on the VRO

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TVD wins big in EW's season finale awards

So our favourite show has yet again shown its power by winning 11 out of 20 of EW's season finale awards. Yet again us fans showed whos boss lol see the list below for what TVD won :

Best Death - Jeremy 31%
Best Romantic Cliff-hanger – Elena, Damon and Stefan 30%
Best Non-Romantic Cliff-hanger – Stefan is Klaus' ''ripper'' wingman 29%
Best Kiss – Damon and Elena 35%
Top Tissue Moment (Single Tear or Sobfest) – Damon's deathbed confession 30%
Single Weakest Twist – Damon was never going to die 21%
Single Most Clever Twist – The return of Vicki and Anna 18%
Most Disturbing Image – Stefan looking like a dog on a blood-bag binge 27%
Most Rewound Moment – Damon and Elena's deathbed conversation 27%
Most Likely to Stay on My DVR the Longest 31%
SPECIAL AWARD: Your Penultimate Episode Was Better Than Your Finale. Weird. 29%

Source Wetpaint and EW