Wednesday, June 1, 2011

TVD wins big in EW's season finale awards

So our favourite show has yet again shown its power by winning 11 out of 20 of EW's season finale awards. Yet again us fans showed whos boss lol see the list below for what TVD won :

Best Death - Jeremy 31%
Best Romantic Cliff-hanger – Elena, Damon and Stefan 30%
Best Non-Romantic Cliff-hanger – Stefan is Klaus' ''ripper'' wingman 29%
Best Kiss – Damon and Elena 35%
Top Tissue Moment (Single Tear or Sobfest) – Damon's deathbed confession 30%
Single Weakest Twist – Damon was never going to die 21%
Single Most Clever Twist – The return of Vicki and Anna 18%
Most Disturbing Image – Stefan looking like a dog on a blood-bag binge 27%
Most Rewound Moment – Damon and Elena's deathbed conversation 27%
Most Likely to Stay on My DVR the Longest 31%
SPECIAL AWARD: Your Penultimate Episode Was Better Than Your Finale. Weird. 29%

Source Wetpaint and EW

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