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Julie Plec on Season finale & hints on whats to come in season 3

Now that the mind-blowing season finale is behind us (boo!), TVDproducer Julie Plec is finally ready to give us the real scoop on next season and answer some burning finale questions. (Oh, it should go without saying, but there are spoilers ahead!) Thanks to TV Line andEntertainment Weekly for the scoop!

Um, first off: Team Klaus and Stefan? Plec says she knew for “quite a long time” that the two vamps would team up come finale time. We witnessed Damon’s existential crisis all season, and now it’s Stefan’s turn to self-examine. He’s been confronted with “the thing he hates the most about himself” (read: he LOVES blood!). How will he deal? Only time will tell.

Bad Stefan’s back! But how does Paul Wesley (Stefan) feel about it? Plec says it was “probably Paul Wesley’s happiest day on set” when he “was getting to dive back into that [evil] side of Stefan.” And there you have it. Paul loves being the bad boy. And we kinda like watching him.

So, Katherine saved Damon. Is she getting soft on us? Plec explains: “While by no means is she a good girl now — she’s still looking out for No. 1 — she took a detour off her escape route to give him back what she took from him at the beginning of the season.” Remember when the vamp vixen told him, “It’s always been Stefan, I never loved you”? Plec says “she was fixing that wound a little bit” by saving his life. Well, uh, that’s nice?

Katherine’s running again, and Stefan promised to help Klaus hunt her. Knowing that, can we expect some sweet scenes outside of Mystic Falls? “I have no idea. That is a question to be discussed,” Plec says. “...But definitely, she’s got her freedom, which she’s wanted for awhile, and we’ll see how long it lasts.” Tease!

Next up: The Kiss! What does Delena’s romantic moment mean for the future of that love triangle? “In that moment, Damon needed her forgiveness and her love, and she needed to give it to him. It was very pure for her,” Plec dishes. “There’s a lot that happened in that moment, and Season 3 is gonna be about exploring what it means to her, what it means to Damon, and certainly what it means to the Damon-Elena-Stefan relationship.” Why do we have a feeling Katherine will be the one to let that secret spill?

They were a huge part of the second half of the season, so will Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gilles) become series regulars?“...These two actors are extraordinary, and the story of the Originals is probably longer than the Bible and we can’t wait to dig into it,” Plec says. She continues: “I personally think that the world would be a very sad place if The Vampire Diaries never saw Daniel Gillies as Elijah again.” We’ll take that as a very coy YES.

Here’s a biggie: What the eff is going to happen with Jeremy?Plec spills that his weird supernatural experience in the ep’s final minutes — catching a glimpse of both Anna and Vicki — “is born out of this idea that Bonnie (Kat Graham) went against the laws of nature when she brought Jeremy back to life.” Clearly, the witches are pissed at Bon for going against their wishes. They threatened consequences, and Plec says the return of Vicki and Anna are just “the beginning.” And “whether they’re in his mind or haunting him,” Plec says these particular vamps will “have an enormous impact on Bonnie and Jeremy” if they “stick around.” Ruh roh!

Now, for a little rapid fire round:

Who will take care of Jeremy and Elena now that Jenna’s out of the picture? We’re all gunning for Alaric to step in to play guardian — and Plec says that’s a good possibility.

What else should we know about Klaus and his creepy hybrid-ness? “The rules of the hybrid and all that comes with being the hybrid, we’ve just scratched the surface,” Plec says. Which means: Prepare to be shocked. Again and again.

Speaking of hybrids, where did that ingenious idea come from? “Before we wrote a single page of Season 2,” she says. “...That was always the plan.” Welp, we never see that one coming!

We will see Tyler come fall, right? “Absolutely,” Plec says. Even better? ”... Hopefully, we’ll be able to really dig deeply into Tyler’s friendship and blossoming romantic interest in Caroline.” Score!

And uh, where exactly are Klaus and Stefan headed? To put it bluntly, Plec says: “The direct road to awesomeness.” For some reason, we don’t doubt that. One bit.

Source: Entertainment Weekly, TV Line

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