Friday, January 28, 2011

Ian filmed "the descent" with walking pneumonia but still kicked ass

Poor Ian Somerhalder was sick while filming the episode! As his Twitter followers may recall, Ian was battling a case of walking pneumonia late last year. The descent marks the last one he shot while sick.

Ian tells Entertainment Weekly, “It was a battle. There was nothing I could do. First of all, you have to take a bunch of medications so you can actually speak and breathe, and that dopes you up, and then you’re like one of those little bobblehead Chihuahuas. You’re just kinda goin’. When you can’t breathe out of your nose, or you have a mouth full of cough drops so you’re not coughing through the entire scene, it makes it difficult. I’m not making excuses for any kind of bad performance, but it just leveled me, and it leveled Damon."

But Ian wasn't about to let some minor lung infection get in the way of his TVD duties! The actor rallied to film the episode and says, "It was a very emotional Damon episode, and I just wouldn’t allow it. I literally sat in my sauna for over an hour a day and sweated everything out.” Sorry, we just need a minute to visualize Ian shirtless and sweating in a sauna... hmmmm the images in my head right now lol :p

He has since made a full recovery. He says, "But it’s gone, and I’m done with it. So I’m not gonna be boring anymore.”

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Well i didnt get a hint of any bad performance Ian :D he was amazing in last nites episode i think you will all agree and totally did a kick ass job so just goes to show even illness doesnt stop Ian from pulling out the best acting skills.

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