Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scoop on Stefan and Elenas Romantic getaway

Stefan Embraces Elena in Season 2, Episode 14: "Crying Wolf"

We found out last week that Stefan and Elena will attempt a romantic getaway during Episode,14, “Crying Wolf.” We say “attempt” because, as we all know, those two are never really safe. Still, with Katherine entombed and Elijah “doing his job,” you’d think a quick jaunt to Elena’s family lake house would be a-okay for the odd vampire-human couple, right? Wrong. “They just want to be a normal couple that goes on vacation,” Paul Wesley (Stefan) says. "Of course, danger is pursuing them.” Who woulda thunk?

The couple will also “have a capital-T talk about the logistics of a vampire-human relationship, Wesley adds, and the options aren't attractive,” according to TV Guide.

Oh no! That doesn’t mean they’re breaking up, does it? (Insert smirk from Delena fans.)

Source: Wetpaint

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