Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nina and Candice at the TCA's "kick ass ladies of CW" panel

so they were the cute pics of Nina and Candice here are some little bits of gossip they shared :

Nina on being snowed in and how they passed the time :

"We're actually working on a [Funny or Dievideo] right now," Nina told E!’s Kriston dos Santos before the panel. "When we were snowed in, in Georgia, we were twiddling our thumbs. We didn't know what to do. So we got a camera and we shot a couple things. A bunch of us. Myself and other cast members. If it's funny, you just might see it!" Let’s hope so, Nina!

Nina on what to expect from the rest of season 2 :

"Nina promises that after the hiatus is over (January 27, what what!) we’ll see “a lot of Damon and Stefansaving the day. A lot of new characters coming in — one who has been anticipated for a long time is coming." That character? Klaus, obvi! "Klaus is coming at some point by the end of the season," Nina promises to E!

Nina on her surprising choice for who should play Klaus :

"I think it'd be awesome if it was Sasha Baron Cohen using his Austrian accent," Nina says with a laugh, imitating SBC: "Like, ‘Hello, my name is Klaus. How are you? I want to suck your blood.' I think it'd be great if he is the opposite of what everyone is expecting."

Candice on werewolves versus vampires :

"We're going to be introduced to more werewolf action and the meeting of vampires and werewolves and how they are going to play a part in each other's lives," Candice Accola details to E!"And [we'll see] how that affects personal relationships with the friends within the town."

Via wetpaint and E! online

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