Friday, January 21, 2011

EW reveal 5 spoilers for the rest of season 2

Ok so there are five spoilerish plots outlined below there are some bits we already know but a few we dont so if you don't want to know what happens then DONT read on !!

1. Damon struggles with his humanity. And has sex. A lot. By the end of the January 27 eppy, we’ll know Rose's fate — and whether a vampire bite kills a werewolf. But EW says that's not exactly the big question anymore. The real issue here is who Damon cares about and “where [he] stands on the evil spectrum.” “He’s staring to feel,” Ian Somerhalder (Damon) said. “It throws him off, and it throws me off, because I love being that — for lack of a better word — complete dick.” Okay, we could totally make a bad pun to segue into this next spoiler, but we won’t. Let’s just sayTVD producer Kevin Williamson said this about Damon: “He’s a hot, sexy vampire. It just makes no sense for him not to have little toys. It’s time to start seeing Damon take some showers.” Ow ow!

2. Tyler finds out the truth. As in, he learns very quickly that Caroline has been lying to him about being the only vampire in Mystic Falls — putting a halt to their blossoming relationship. Boo!Stefan tries to convince Tyler that werewolves and vamps can totes get along, but when a big showdown between the two groups happens on February 3 followed by a retaliation on February 10, he’ll probably find that hard to believe. The good news? Um, well, we can’t think of any.

3. We see Stefan’s nasty side. Elena finds her pop John’s old journals on February 17. Then, another flashback to 1864 shows Stefan killing his father and turning Damon into a vamp for good. “His guilt is so deep that he goes off the deep end,” Paul Wesley (Stefan) says of the flashback. “We find out that he would have been Damon had it not been for one character.” Who? That’s one of those you have to watch to find out moments, for sure.

4. Bonnie makes an enemy — and loses a friend. And by ‘lose a friend’ we mean ‘gain a lover.’ Kat Graham (Bonnie) confirms that Bonnie will kiss Jeremy “sooner rather than later.” But all is not happy sunshiney hearts and rainbows for Bonnie. When she discovers that Luka and Jonas are working with Elijah, it totally breaks her trust. “She starts to try to learn more about who they are and accidentally makes an enemy where she shouldn’t,” TVD producer Julie Plec says. And by the February 24 eppy Bonnie is “ready to rumble.” Cant wait to see that!

5. Klaus comes to town. Still uncast Klaus will make his way to Mystic Falls before the end of the season. But both Elena and Katherine will have to do a little preparing beforehand. Stefan will eventually end up working with Elena’s “vampire-hating father” John (much to his chagrin) in order to get the scoop on the Originals. And what about Katherine, who’s been running from Klaus for, oh you know, 500 years? “Even though Katherine is stuck in the tomb, she’s still scheming,” says Nina Dobrev (Elena/Katherine). Of course she is. Of course.

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