Saturday, May 14, 2011

Top tips for coping with season breaks and hiatus's from TVD

1. Make like Ian Somerhalder (Damon)and find a good cause to which you can donate your time. An animal shelter, perhaps? (Just think: You could score some major points with Mr. Smolderhotter!)

2. Buy Ian, Nina, and Paul trading cards. Spend copious amounts of time cataloging, dusting, and ogling them.

3. DVR the TVD marathon. Instead of watching two episodes a night, watch one or two a week to get you through the dry spell.

4. Every Thursday night, host a TVD-themed party in which everyone dresses up like their favorite character from Mystic Falls. Proceed to talk about your all-time favorite events on the show.

5. Reenact your favorite moments (Tyler’s transformation? Cave sex?What, too much?) with your friends. It will be way cooler than a Renaissance fair reenactment. We promise.

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"Running lines." A good excuse to cuddle up close.

6.Listen to Paul Wesley speaking Polish. Rowr.

7. Enjoy photos ofladies man Ian Somerhalder.

8. Commit all ofDamon’s best snarks from Season 2 to memory. Shamelessly quote him at any given opportunity.

9. Spend some time with Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy) to help him solve his Bloodlines Revealed mystery.

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Nina + Ian = 4Eva.

10. Read the entireseries of TVD books.

11. Enjoy some smokin’ hot pictures of Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley inGQ Germany. They never, ever get old.

12. Learn everything you possibly can about Kat Graham (Bonnie) by scouring our site. From her music videos, to her fashion advice: We’ve got it all!

13. Buy the entire first and Second season (when released) on DVD and have viewing parties with your pals. Bonus: There won’t be any pesky commercials to interrupt all thoseshirtless harrowing moments.

14. Take to Youtube and watch cast interviews and amazing Fan vids.

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