Thursday, March 24, 2011

synopsis for S2E18 "the last dance" revealed

Elena receives some “disturbing messages” from Klaus, but not actually through the Original himself. Cute, protective little brother Jeremy doesn’t completely believe Bonnie when she says she can help protect Elena, so Jeremy turns to Stefan for some words of wisdom. Caroline coerces Matt to be her date for this dance. Do we see a reconciliation in their future? We think yes! Then, because Damon is like a gazillion years old, he (and Alaric) can’t just show up to this dance without reason, so they sign up to chaperone. But, naturally, the duo never get to relax because Klaus keeps messing with their heads all night. However, Damon — not one to be outsmarted — comes up with a plan that “shocks and upsets” everyone. Sounds like Damon, alright!

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Anonymous said...

hy what happens with katherine does she get out of the tumb and if yes by who or how?