Monday, October 17, 2011

Peoples choice awards 2012 voting for nominations open

so its that time of year again when we vote for who we want to be nominated for the Peoples Choice Awards 2012. The categories that The Vampire Diaries is available to be nominated in so far are :
  • Favourite Network TV drama
  • Favourite TV drama actor - Ian Somerhalder and vote for paul in the other option
  • although Nina doesnt appear on the list for Favourite TV drama actress you can still put her name in where there is the option of "other" how she isnt nominated i don't know because she is the best TV actress along with the fact she plays 2 roles so lets get together and make sure we vote for her to get her on the nomination list.
  • Favourite Scifi/Fantasy TV show
so make sure you head to to vote.

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