Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nina included in Total film's "30 hottest new hollywood actresses" list

Nina has been featured at number 28 in the list of "30 hottest new hollywood actresses" for Total film. So at last Nina is getting some recognition for her incredibly hard work not only does she kick ass as Katherine on TVD but she also manages to absolutely nail the complex role of elena and taking on two roles in the highest rating show on the CW is no easy feat. She is also going to be starring in "the perks of being a wallflower" along with Emma Watson and in our opinion it is about damn time people started sitting up and seeing Nina's amazingggg talent. This is great news alongside the fact that Nina was the first person to ever get written into the nominations for Peoples choice. I can see a bright and successful future ahead for miss dobrev and here is what Total film had to say:

"28. Nina Dobrev - The Actress: A regular on glitzy telly show The Vampire Diaries, Dobrev first came to out attention with minor parts in girls-gone-bad thrillers Chloe and The Roommate. However, her time in the supporting shadows may soon be at an end.
Why so Hot ? she's one of the three young leads in college romance The perks of being a wallflower which also stars Logan Lerman and a certain Emma Watson. As love-triangles go, they don't get much more up-and-coming than those three."

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