Friday, April 13, 2012

Julie plec teases on Delena motel scene

"There's no denying that Damon and Elena haven't been on the best of terms over the last few weeks. He put some walls up after she rejected his big "I love you" at the ball, and she's not pleased with some of his decisions -- particularly his keeping company with Rebekah and the thing where he turned her best friend's mom into a vampire.
Some of those boundaries will come down when they take a road trip together in the next new episode, heading to visit Jeremy in Denver. (Haven't these people ever heard of planes?) Expect a very significant Damon/Elena moment -- supported by, as always, a powerful soundtrack.
I can tease one of maybe the Top 5 soundtrack music placements of all time, for the entire show, if not the world and the universe," Plec says. "It's a Florence & The Machine song that's just sensational.
As to what kind of moment the song accompanies, Plec will only say this: "You know, there's a motel. There's some bourbon. There's a little naked shirtlessness, and an epic, epic song moment."

Hell yes this sounds epic i can't wait and my little DE shipper heart is just getting more and more excited each time more news of this episode comes in

Source Zap2it

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