Thursday, September 29, 2011

Zap2its 5 reasons to watch TVD tonight and boy are they good ones

1. We'll finally learn why Klaus chose Stefan. There's a very specific reason why Stefan is currently Klaus's co-pilot, and when we flash back to the 1920s, we'll learn what it is about Stefan that appeals so much to Klaus's inner sociopath. We hope Paul Wesley sent the TVD writers flowers for giving him such dirty, delicious material to work with in this episode.

2. Damon and Elena, in bed together. Hold your horny little horses: All clothes are on. But it does happen, however briefly. (There's plenty of time for you to screen-grab it and plaster song lyrics on it and pass it all around Tumblr, kids.) Damon also has some of his best lines ever in this episode, and we see some great interaction between him and Klaus.

3. Some new faces... and some old ones. We'll see a couple characters who have been MIA from Season 3, but more importantly, we'll meet some very important new characters who will have a pivotal role in Klaus and Stefan's mission moving forward. One of those characters, as has already been revealed, is Rebekah -- and we can't wait until you all see the chemistry she has with Stefan. The words "burning hot" come to mind.

4. Jewelry is never just jewelry on this show. There are magic rings, magic bracelets... we're starting to believe Matt's watch turns humans into unicorns if you wind it right. The vervain necklace that means so much to Elena turns out to be far more important than we realized. In Mystic Falls, when your boyfriend gives you a present, you should probably just assume it's full of secrets.

5. Caroline will break your heart... in a good way. Candice Accola's work in this episode is her best ever -- yes, best ever. At The CW offices today, we heard plenty of sniffles around the room during more than one of her scenes. As revealed in the teaser trailer, Caroline's father is going try to "fix" -- not kill -- her. We won't give away whether or not he succeeds, but we can say that his actions are incredibly painful to watch. We're still a little hurty in the heart area. (And yes... Tyler remains adorable.)

all amazing reasons and can i say OMG damon and elena in bed :o what does this mean ? lol i can tell im gonna be crying during the caroline scenes im sure this is gonna be candice's shining episode not that she doesnt shine every other episode. Im so looking forward to seeing the 1920s flashbacks as im sure they are gorgeous and judging by what nina said in her E talk interview its all very sexy. Im glad we finally get to find out why klaus choose stefan as his partner in crime too and WTH is this about elenas necklace holding secrets ? just when you thought there surely couldn't be anymore secrets but hey this is the vampire diaries lol.

So EVERYONE make sure to tune in tonight on CW 8/7c to see The vampire diaries - "the end of the affair"

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