Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Delena kiss on the way ?? and the death of a main character ??

So E! online has given us some juicy scoop from the TVD set:

"Ariannagirlq1: How about some Vampire Diaries scoop! I’m dying for the show to return.
And some of you fans are gonna be dying when you see an epic kiss scene that is happening very soon! Confession: I squealed a little when I heard about it. Any guesses who’s puckering up? In other news, a main character we know and love is leaving Mystic Falls, thanks (indirectly) to Damon."

So will it be elena and damon puckering up ? It seems likely to us as their chemistry and tension has been building up and up during season 3 so far and there is only so long they can contain that for. Also in regards to the main character that is leaving mystic falls this does sound like a death *sad face* but who ? its all exciting and not long now to wait till TVD is back on our screens so make sure to tune into the CW on thursday 5th january at 8pm.

Source Vampirediariesonline.com and E! online

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