Thursday, December 29, 2011

Vampire diaries 2011 review

So we are at the end of another year and wow has it flown by. There has of course been so much Vampire diaries goodness this year so starting in january we had the return on 27th and it was the last part of season 2 which of course in true TVD style went out with a bang and plenty of cliffhangers. We then had the wait for season 3 where the cast attended Comic con and did various promo shoots, red carpet appearances and interviews which were the only thing keeping us sane during the hiatus. Julie plec said it was going to be the year of the originals but for me it has totally been the year of Delena, their tension and building romance has been the most prevalent story for me from the season 2 and more so now in season 3 and it is lovely to watch. The originals have also played a massive part in season 3 and its been interesting to see the back story and find out about the origins of vampire and of course we all love the flash back scenes and my favourite of the season/year was definately the 1920's flashbacks. I think everyone was in agreement that the 1920's episode was stunning. We have witnessed Stefan's return to his Ripper side and the switching roles of Damon and Stefan. Alongside this we had Tyler being turned to a hybrid and the fallout of this in terms of him being sired to Klaus and what this meant for his friends and girlfriend caroline in particular. We had ghostly returns of vicki and anna as well as lexi and mason which proved for an interesting episode. We had the break up of Bonnie and Jeremy as well as Tyler and Caroline so where will this lead for the rest of season 3 in the new year ? Of course in the last episode Klaus's vampire vampire hunter dad micheal was killedwith the only know weapon to kill a hybrid so how on earth are they gonna kill klaus now?Klaus lifted Stefans compulsion, Katherine then encouraged Stefan to get mad and get his own back so he stole Klaus's family (in their coffins) leading to a very mad and angry Klaus at the end of the midseason finale.
so clearly we had a very epic 2011 of TVD as well as the events on screen we also had the news off screen for our favourite trio : Nina and Ian seemed to confirm they were together with their frequent red carpet appearances together,PDAS and cute tweeting, Paul wesley got married, while Nina filmed alongside Emma watson on "the perks of being a wallflower" and Ian continued his amazing work on his IS Foundation.

So with TVD returning on january 5th we should see more development in the relationship of Damon and Elena as well as what Stefan plans to do now, as im sure Klaus is bound to threaten his friends back in mystic falls and wreck havoc until he gets his family back, also will we be seeing katherine again soon? will we see the return of rebekhah and elijah ? We have been told that we will see 2 more of Klaus's brothers as well as the arrival of Dr Fell played by Paul wesley's wife Torrey as well as Bonnies mum and a love interest for Bonnie too. So its shaping up to be just as exciting, action packed and dramatic in 2012 as it was in 2011. Happy New Year TVD family.

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