Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New movie role for Nina ?

Is Nina about to film another movie ? well here is what Alloy had to say :

"Nina played Kellan’s on-screen love interest in the gladiator-esque movie Arena and, as luck would have it, the two are set to reunite in Kid Cannabisalongside Project X breakout star Jonathan Daniel Brown. In this real-life inspired movie (to be directed by John Stockwell), the trio will portray a group of suburban teenagers who turn their marijuana growing and smuggling business into a multimillion-dollar drug empire. Nina in particular will be playing a hot 19-year-old who has a crush on Kellan’s character and whose father is an infamous pot grower.

We’re not sure Elena Gilbert would approve — especially after getting on Jeremy’s case all through Vampire Diariesseason 1 — but we’re excited to see Nina spice things up a bit and not allow herself to be typecast. So now, we have both The Perks of Being A Wallflower and this intense new movie to look forward to for our (insatiable) dosage of Nina!"

source Alloy

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