Monday, February 7, 2011

Update on LJ Smith situation

Now there have been rumours flying around that LJ Smith, author of the vampire diaries books has been sacked from harper teen/alloy. This has deeply saddened fans everywhere as we feel that she is the creator of the whole series and it is out of order for them to take this away from her. Alot of people are asking how can they do this ? or can they do this ? well the answer to that is yes they can do this because she doesnt own the vampire diaries and the series belongs to alloy entertainment. She was taken on in 1990 to write the series for them, but she signed a contract stating that the vampire diaries belonged to them therefore alloy own the rights and LJ Smith has no say in what they do with the series. So what does this mean for the TV Show and upcoming book ? well the TV show is in no danger of being cancelled because it has excellent ratings and it follows a completely different path from the books so isnt therefore reliant on the continuance of the books. In terms of the upcoming release of The Return : Midnight it is still being published and will be out in march. And finally, about Stefans diaries this series is related to the TV series and was not written by LJ Smith so there are likely to still be releases of these books.

So there you go that is what we know so far and if we hear anything else we will of course let you all know. As i said before this is at the moment a rumour and nothing has been officially said yet.

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